2018-19 Reflections Winners

We would like to thank all the students who participated in this year’s Reflections Program. This year WRHS had over 80 entries! These talented students have all advanced to the countywide competition. Advancing State Winners will be notified in February. Good luck Bulls!

The Reflections celebration was held at our Media Center where we honored the following winners:


1st Place: Savannah Greenwood, Freshmen: “The Ones Who Died for Us”

This picture was taken at Florida National Cemetery, a cemetery where veterans and their spouses are buried. This relates to the theme “Heroes around me” because the people buried at this cemetery and in my picture fought for and some even died for our country, because of them we can go about our daily lives without the fear that we could be attacked at any moment with no one there to protect us. Thanks to them we have the freedom to live our lives.

 2nd Place:  Charlie Smith, Sophomore: “Thankful”

I visit the Florida National Cemetery for Veterans in Bushnell often to visit my Grandpa who was in WWII. When I am there, it makes me thankful for the many heroes who’ve upheld the freedom and values of our great nation.

3rd Place: Brendon Green, Junior: “Eye of the Storm”

This photo shows my brother, he serves his country and has been my every day hero for my hole life. He now however saves those in need protects more then just me he fights for liberty prosperity and peace. He fights for America and all who live in it.

Visual Arts

1st Place: Patricia Alyson Deogracias, Senior: “Lola Redempta”

My grandmother has had to play many roles in her past: a war survivor, leader, mother, and a storyteller, among other things. But those roles are not what defines her a great person. Through the strength, courage, and compassion that she has continually exhibited throughout her life, she has positively impacted the lives of countless people, especially her family.  I strive to become like her; and learn to embody kindness, and grit – while encouraging, and helping people around me. That is, in my heart, what makes her a great person, and a true hero.

2nd Place: Tanuja Avirneni, Senior: “United We Stand”

The artwork presents “United We Stand” in a way to portray the unity the society possesses and that we would stand together no matter what.

3rd Place:  Alexa Frye Music, Junior: Untitled

My work is a drawing of my father. I used contrasting colors to convey a dramatic theme of strengths. I wanted Him although to look friendly and happy. He is my hero because he is supports me through everything and is always happy to do so.

Special Artist

1st Place: Mellissa Campbell, Sophomore: “Therapist”

This is my hero because she helped me walk again.

2nd Place: Destiny Chandler, Junior: “Everyone Love a Hero”

Animals are my heroes.

3rd Place: Jonathan Dasher, Sophomore: “Ms. Lexi”

She is kind, strong, and healthy.


1st Place: Jacob Watson


Reflections is national PTA contest that allows students to create an original art, literature, photograph, dance, song or film piece and tie it with a theme. Each year brings a new theme. This year it’s “Heroes Around Me”.

Reflect on the theme. Create an original work. Be recognized!

Entries are judged locally and the winning pieces advance to county, state and national levels.


WRHS submissions due: September 28th 2018 at the Student Services Office.

Students can also participate in the Theme Search for 2020-2021.